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Quartermaster: New Product



TreoScope EnterSafe has been  developed to help nightclubs, bars and other entertainment venues prevent entry to patrons with a track record of causing trouble. An EnterSafe protected venue is a safer venue.

The TreoScope EnterSafe's interface is simple, easy to use, and fast - so it helps to speed up the process of admitting patrons. As an ID card is swiped through the reader, EnterSafe captures a live photo and instantly validates the patron's identification in four ways:

Age Verification:
EnterSafe confirms a patron is of legal drinking age by calculating their age, and presenting it on-screen. This empowers the doorperson to confirm the age reasonably matches the apparent age of the individual who presented the ID.
Multiple Use Notification:
EnterSafe notifies door staff if the same identification card has been used previously on the same date. The staff person can then access the live photo EnterSafe took during the previous entry, to ensure two individuals aren't using the same ID.
Expiry Verification:
Often, expired ID is passed on to someone underage, who hopes to use that ID to gain entry. EnterSafe will verify that presented identification is still valid.
Authenticity Verification:
EnterSafe validates most States' and Provinces' IDs, confirming data on each ID matches government standards for information encoding. This is an important tool for detecting fraudulent ID.
EnterSafe's verification feature and live image capture reduce minors, fights, and drink tampering. All of which means lowered liability, and the due diligence low enforcement appreciates.

Your Patron's Privacy is Assured

At TreoScope Technologies, their priority is maintaining the safety and security of individuals' private information:

  • Only data essential to verifying age and identity is extracted-name, date of birth, driver's license number, and expiry date.

  • Date of birth is only used to calculate age. Neither it nor the license number is ever displayed-except to police and only with a valid warrant.

  • All data is encrypted with state-of-the-art security. Should the system be stolen, access to personal information simply can't happen.

Your patron provides more personal information when they make a credit card purchase than they do by having their ID scanned at an EnterSafe venue.

Recognize Your VIP Patrons!

Many of their clients use the EnterSafe system's Patron Management feature to reward loyal customers. Individuals can be categorized-from a status like 'banned' to one like 'VIP.' EnterSafe empowers your door staff to greet VIPs with the recognition they deserve, every time.


Identity Security

TreoScope EnterSafe can also be used as a simple safeguard against identity theft. EnterSafe's features alert your staff if an ID has already been used by someone else.

Technologies for Safer Premises
TreoScope EnterSafe complements entry point security personnel with a simple, easy-to-use system that never forgets a name or a face, and that assures accurate identity verification.
EnterSafe Clients Know Their Patrons
EnterSafe logs information about everyone who attempts entry to their clients' premises, providing a real and visual deterrent to troublesome individuals. Should a client need to locate an individual patron, they can do so by performing a detailed search on the customer's account profile, or by conducting a search of photos captured live when patrons entered the establishment.
The Power of a Networked Community
Notes and Community Alerts can be attached to individual patrons' profiles. Notes provide information internally to the client premises, or may be shared to multiple premises owned by the same client. Community Alerts can be disseminated through TreoScope to multiple EnterSafe clients, so they can make informed decisions about who to admit, and who to turn away.
Liability Benefits
More accurate and diligent gateway security means fewer minors fraudulently entering your premises, fewer fights, and a reduction in drink tampering. All of which means lowered liability. It's that simple.
Technologies for Safer Communities
The community at large benefits from increased safety through TreoScope EnterSafe's shared Community Alerts. When one client knows about an undesirable patron, al clients know, so all clients are empowered to run their businesses with less worry or concern.
Engaging Community Stakeholders
TreoScope's systems improve collaboration between police and security personnel, government officials, and the business owners who operate within the community.

Establishments that implement and use TreoScope's EnterSafe system are better equipped to work with police and other law enforcement agencies when problems do arise. And government officials and agencies appreciate that EnterSafe establishments are working hard as a collaborative community of owners to safeguard the general public.

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