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Quartermaster: New Product

TreoScope EnterSafe has been developed to help nightclubs, bars and other entertainment venues are interface is simple, easy to use, and fast - so it helps to speed up the process of admitting patrons. As an ID card is swiped through the reader, EnterSafe captures a live photo and instantly validates the patron's identification in four ways:  the exciting new product from specifically for the licensed trade.

- Installs In Minutes
- Know Who Is In Your Venue
- Protect Your Licence
- Builds Your Database
- Marketing Reports
- Average Age Report
- Arrival Time report
- Male Female Ratio Report
- Geographical report by post code and region
- Customer frequency report
- Automatically Prints Labels
- Alerts to Under Age
- Alerts to Banned Customers
- ShareScan
- Burn CD for Police Cooperation

clubscan 1000 has been developed specifically with the licensed trade in mind - whether you are a hotel, casino, supermarket, nightclub, bar, event organiser, members club, sports stadium cigarette vendor or SIA security firm  our ID Scanning solution with change the way you do business whilst protecting your valuable license, building your database and securing your building to become an essential tool for your business.

clubscan 1000 allows you to know who is in your venue - not only will it allow you to electronically register your staff as they enter your building and produce a valuable printable fire list, but it will scan SIA door supervisor badges in and out of the building to create an emailable and printable report with photos of hours worked by staff and a firm record.

clubscan 1000 recognises almost all ID's that you are likely to encounter in - no matter which country you are in - and if there is an ID that we do not have in our system we can add it in 48hrs.


In the UK British Magistrates issued more than 2 million in fines in 2004 to licensees that served to under age customers - many more lost their licenses because they were unable to show that they had taken "all reasonable steps"   to avoid serving underage drinkers, from November 2005 not only will the licencee be subject to a fine and possible criminal prosecution but the person who sold them the age retricted product.

Venues that have installed Idscan report that within a few weeks more than 75% of their customers are able to produce valid ID. Not only does this go along way to proving your vigilance but enables you to build a valuable database of information on your customers.

Each time a customer visits your venue a record is created including the time time and date of entry, the next time they visit no matter what form of ID they produce the visit will be added to their record.   You can manually add information to their record such as Mobile and email address.


Bars, Nightclubs, Casinos, Outdoor Events, Concerts, Off-licenses, Super Markets, Knife-Shops, Members Clubs, Secured Environments, Hotels,   Sports Stadiums, Cinemas, Video Stores.







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