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  Nightclub Policies and Procedures [Employee Handbook]  


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Are your company policies and procedures in place?   Are all your employees on the same page when it comes to the rules and regulations of your establishment?

Communication is the key to managing company employees successfully and this Employee Handbook makes it easy. Starting with general nightclub policies and procedures then tailor-made to your specific company and state law needs, you can have your house in order in just a few days.

Here are some of the policies that could be addressed:

  • At-Will Employment
  • Policy Against Harassment
  • Working Hours, Scheduling and Attendance
  • Substance and Alcohol Abuse
  • Health Benefits
  • Transactions Cash, Credit Card, House Accounts Closing out a shift
and the list continues making for a complete easy to read and understand Employee Handbook.
  Quick Study Training Course Assessment Exam  


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After interviewing an applicant, are you confident that you'll be hiring the right person for the job? Did you ask the right questions that displayed their skills or knowledge for the position? The BouncerOnline Quick Study Training Course Assessment Exam will do this and more for you.

From the massive BouncerOnline eTraining program comes the Quick Study Training Course Assessment Exam. The 50 multiple choice questions exam represents the basic responsibilities and procedures of nightclub security personnel.

Protecting liability, acting in a professional manner, providing customer service are some important factors that you need to know about your new hires level of knowledge and skill.

"Quick Study" can be administered in three different ways:
  1. Assessment Test
  2. Assessment and Review
  3. Training Course and Exam
 You choose the one you want to give. It's that easy.
  BOUNCER: The Art of Nightclub Security  

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available at this time
From the Industry Source for Nightclub Security website, comes the e-Book Bouncer: The Art of Nightclub Security.
This quick-like reference read is in understandable terms in which Bouncer's, Club Owner's and general Manager's could benefit from in a short time. Protecting Liability, Hiring the Security Staff, Responsibilities of a Bouncer, Alcoholic Beverage Control regulations, The Effects of Alcohol and Dealing with the Public are just a few topics cover here.

This e-Book does not claim to be the industry standard on nightclub security procedures as every situation is or can be unique. However, the increase in lawsuits filed against nightclub owner's and Bouncer's themselves can lead to the closed down of the club, restriction, suspension or the revoke of the club's liquor license. As basic as it seems The Art of Nightclub Security starts with good Customer Service.




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