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Forms and Documents/INCIDENT REPORTING




It is always a good practice to put in writing a brief description of how an incident may have occurred.  Creating an Incident Report requires very little training because basically you are just filling in the blanks as to Who, What, When, Where, Why and How the incident may have occurred.

In the field of security, any unusual activity or incident would be worth documenting on an incident report.  So what is so unusual in a nightclub that fights break out or someone's personal belongings are stolen or somebody slips and falls?  In a nightclub these and other incidents assumable occur and would occur more often then they actually do if not for the presence of the Bouncers to help prevent them.  But it is what under the "Normal course of business" that makes them unusual to be documented.  It is not however the normal course of business for the employees to entertain fighting within a nightclub.

Here is a list of other reasons why an Incident Report should be filled out:

  1. All employee injuries
  2. All patron injuries
  3. All employee fights
  4. All patron fights
  5. Patron vs. Employee fights
  6. Patron complaints
  7. Patron brandishing weapons
  8. Lost or found items
  9. Unannounced Fire Marshall visits
  10. Incidents that occur outside the club related to the club's patrons.

Sample Incident Report

An Incident Report only offers the basic questions needed.  For whatever purpose you may need to, you may add or change the form pertaining to the needs of your venue.

Please contact us to obtain a template copy of the Incident Report at:




Incident Report
Statement Form
Promissory Note
Calling The Police


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