The Art of Nightclub Security   
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Tools of the Trade

Note: The following Clothing and Accessories are only recommended items. You should consult the Club Owner or your General Manager as to what club policy is acceptable attire and equipment to use.

Security Shirt

Bouncers must where a T-shirt that identifies them as "Security". Identifying shirt should have the word "Security" imprinted on the back and /or front. Some clubs prefer bright color shirts as they can be easily seen in the club.  Club should provide shirt.


Under Shirt

Always wear another T-shirt under your security shirt. Acting as another layer of skin this will give you extra protect to your body. On cold nights where a crew or turtle neck.



Pants should long and be of jean type (Strong material) to protect your legs.  It not a good ideal to wear shorts as it also does not look professional.



Socks should be thick and of cotton. Cotton socks breath keeping your feet cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.


Work Shoes or Boots

Work shoes with Steel Toes will protect your feet. However, some clubs do not allow their security staff to wear Steel Toe shoes.  Using the shoes in a way other than protecting your feet could ruin it for the security industry and fine you liable. Boots that are ankle high will protect your ankles and offer more support. Work shoes also offer comfort when you need to wear them for long periods of time. Be sure that the shoes have a non-slip sole.


Thermal Underwear

Acting as other layer of skin Thermal Underwear will also keep you warm on cold and rainy nights. Do not wear a Thermal Top, it will get too warm.



Jacket should be of security type with the word "Security" imprinted on the back and/or front. You may need two jackets, one that is heavy and the other a windbreaker type as the weather changes.

The club may or may not provide the jackets.





Tools of the Trade


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