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Bouncer Equipment


Accessories or gear are items that will protect and help you perform your job a lot easier.  They should not be used to intimidate anyone or used as weapons to injure anyone.  As a Bouncer you are not required to carry a firearm, mace, pepper spray, knife, baton or any other weapons as such.  The use and carrying of these items require approvals from different entities such as the owner of the club, the club owner's insurance company and possibly the city in which the club is located.  You will also be required to carry on your person a valid State Permit for each item that you have.

The items listed below require no approvals or permits as a Bouncer:



Always carry a small flashlight, but one that is no bigger than your hand.  It should be able to produce at lease a 6,500 peak-beam candlepower.  Whether you’re inside or outside the club a light this powerful gets the patrons attention.

Note: Flashlights that use lithium batteries can not be used for a long period of time.  For example, if a situation requires you to use your flashlight most of the time during a single work shift, chances are the next time you work the batteries will die.  These types of batteries only have about 10–15 hours worth of life to them.


For obvious reasons, having a watch just makes sense.  Use of your watch will help you keep track or the time while you are working.  Patrons may also ask you for the time.


Hand-cuffs with key

Handcuffs are not required by clubs and their owners frown upon them.  Mainly because they are not used properly or they are used when they should not be used.  As a security person you should know how and when to use them.  You can do this by taking the Powers-to-Arrest exam and obtain training on how to apply them.


2-Way Radio

Should be provided by the club.  Should be small and of good quality.





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