The Art of Nightclub Security   
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Forms and Documents/PROFESSIONALISM



  • The role of a Bouncer involves good judgment, training, knowledge, and experience.
  • When a Bouncer performs its duties, they should put into practice good judgment, skill, and care.
  • Each Bouncer must present the positive attitude and good reasoning known as "PROFESSIONALISM'
  • Professionalism includes acting in a tactful and businesslike manner.
  • Bouncers must treat fellow employees and patrons with respect, even when the patron with whom they communicated display conduct that is clearly in the wrong.
  • A professional attitude is especially important for a Bouncer because they may become participants in situations that could involve them and the club in lawsuits.
  • Situations may occur when Bouncers are performing their job and their own conduct is above reproach.






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