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Instructional Media

BOUNCERGEAR INC. Nightclub & Bar Security Academy "Home Study Course"
At 52 year olds, Ivan 'Doc' Holiday has worked a total of 55 nightclubs & bars spanning 29 years in both the U.S. and Canada.  Doc is accepted worldwide as the number one COOLER in the business today.

Certificate of training


Diploma & ID Card

Bouncergear Inc. Nightclub & Bar Training Program - (Certificate of Training)



Bouncergear Inc. Nightclub & Bar Training Program - (Diploma & ID card)


In 1999 he produced the World's First and only Nightclub Security Instructional Video under the Bouncer's Bible DVD title.

Ivan is a licensed Florida State Security Instructor Lic.# D1280008D.


It is designed to teach Nightclub and Bar security to the Amateur as well as the professional in their own home - at their own pace.

"When a person wants to learn Brazilian Jujitsu they go to a "Royce Grace".

"When a person wants to learn Bouncing they go to "Ivan 'Doc' Holiday". Click for more information and to purchase the course.


Professional Doorman DVD: Stop It On The Door
A basic guide to refusal techniques for entry level door staff.
“Stop it on the Door” is an ideal introduction to the world of door security. In this, the first in a series of Professional Doorman DVDs, Mark Toner outlines some of the universal tricks of the trade involved in safely refusing patrons entry to a venue.

Their objective is to deliver instructional DVDs that provide security personnel of all levels with an insight into the techniques and tricks of the trade used by experienced security professionals in performing their daily and nightly duties.

Designed and shot by experts, this series of DVDs provides a step-by-step introduction to the skills and knowledge required to perform at the highest level in a variety of sectors. In sharing this knowledge, these experts hope to make your job a little easier and a whole lot safer!

Refusing entry to a venue is one of the most basic skills for door staff everywhere. If a refusal is not handled correctly there is always the potential for verbal aggression and physical conflict, endangering the patron, the doorperson and their team.




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