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Court Hearings (In Favor of Bouncers)


Man jailed over club incidents

A MAN who mimicked slitting the neck of a bouncer who refused him entry to a local hotel has been convicted and jailed for six months.

Clint Marshall appeared before the Bendigo Magistrates Court yesterday, where he pleaded guilty to charges including recklessly causing serious injury and making threats to kill.

Police prosecutor Senior-Constable Tony Graham told the court Marshall and his brother were celebrating their joint birthday on October 12 last year and together with friends they drank at the United Kingdom Hotel in Golden Square before making their way to the Black Swan Hotel in the CBD.

Sen-Constable Graham said arrived at the front entrance of the Black Swan about 12.15 am on October 13.

He said Marshall knew the two bouncers at the front of the premises, who denied him entrance.

The court heard one of the bouncers showed no form of aggression, but, in a “surprise attack”, Marshall punched him.

The bouncer responded by punching Marshall, who fell to the kerb as a result.

Sen-Constable Graham told Magistrate Richard Wright the two bouncers managed to enter the premises and shut the glass door behind them.

The court heard Marshall repeatedly kicked the door, screamed abuse, spat his own blood on the door and mimicked slitting the throat of the bouncer.

Sen-Constable Graham said a third bouncer made his way outside to Marshall and his party and was also hit by Marshall, before the brothers and friends left.

The next night Marshall presented himself to Bendigo police station.

Defence lawyer Robert Timms told the court Marshall was sent offensive and insulting text messages by the bouncer the following day requesting another fight.

Mr Timms said his client ignored these messages.

He acknowledged Marshall had relevant prior history, and that he recognised he was facing a lengthy term of imprisonment.

Mr Wright said the community deserved an answer.

“This might send a message to you and others that this sort of activity is not condoned,” Mr Wright said.

He sentenced Marshall to six months’ jail, reducing the term by 46 days for time already served.



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