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Court Hearings (In Favor of Bouncers)


Fight over nightclub settled by consent

The partnership operating Club 51 will dissolve by June 28, but the nightclub itself is expected to remain open.

Tasha Roberson, 420 Fairbanks, intends to become the club's sole proprietor.

Roberson sued her partners, Ebonie Strayhorn, 2125 Joshua Loop, and Brenda Jackson of Peachtree Apartments, for extortion, failure to pay their share of the rent and turning off the utilities. Roberson claimed that her partners threatened to pull the club's beer permit and city business license and to turn the utilities off a second time if she didn't pay them $20,000 by March 15. Roberson filed the lawsuit instead.

The chancery court lawsuit was settled Monday, April 28, with a consent order.

The order requires Strayhorn and Jackson to leave the beer permit and business license in place until the end of June. That will give Roberson time to obtain a permit and a license in her name.

As soon as Roberson obtains the documents, the partnership will be dissolved and all of the partnership's property will belong to her. Roberson will pay $1,527 in sales tax, an outstanding $1,764 gas bill, a $1,060 phone bill and a $65 security alarm service bill within 60 days.



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