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Court Hearings (In Favor of Bouncers)


Bite on bouncer costs $1250

A TOOWOOMBA man who sunk his teeth into the pub “bouncer” who was evicting him had a $1250 bite put on him by the city's Magistrates Court yesterday.

A drunken Joshua Dean Smith had objected to being evicted from Fitzy's Fibber Magee about 12.30am, August 31, and struggled with security staff, prosecutor Constable Vicki Kennedy-Grills told the court.

The 23-year-old man later told police he had been very drunk at the time and couldn't recall the biting incident.

He pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm, failing to leave a licensed premises and “obstruction generally to a licensee”.

His solicitor Simon Trewavas told the court his client had a sore shoulder when being placed into the police vehicle after the incident and later discovered he had a dislocated collarbone.

While Smith couldn't recall biting anyone, he believed he had sustained the dislocated collarbone when being evicted from the hotel and so could have reacted to that, he said.

His client had no previous convictions and his actions that night were “completely out of character”, Mr Trewavas said.

Without recording a conviction, Magistrate Bruce Schemoineck fined Smith $1000 and ordered he pay $250 compensation to the security officer.








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