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Court Hearings (Against Bouncers)


Lady victim wins case

despite Lisfannon man's claim he was battered by partner
A Lisfannon man who claimed his kickboxing, bouncer former girlfriend booted the door in and beat him, was found guilty of assaulting her in a frenzied domestic attack.
Damien Mc Glinchey, 36, claimed he suffered "battered husband's" syndrome, and that on January, 29, 2006, his ex girlfriend, a Derry door woman, a former kickboxer, had come home after a night on the tiles, kicked the door down and attacked him.

But the court found in favour of his ex, Sylvia Nash, as she had sustained injury from the incident.

The blonde bouncer told the court: "He pinned me down on the bed, trying to choke me, he lifted me by my hair, I could hear my hair tearing. He pushed me into the boiler and I heard a crack, then he battered my face."

Mc Glinchey's defence lawyer Ciaran Mac Lochlainn accused Ms Nash in court of covering up her part in the domestic, saying: "You are leading the court to believe you are a victim. Do you do any sport Ms Nash - aren't you indeed a kickboxer?"

Ms Nash replied: "I was a kickboxer 20 years ago and only for three months. I don't kickbox anymore, although my daughter did fight for the Irish team."

Mr Mac Lochlainn continued: "You also work as a bouncer. You are a woman who can look after herself."

To which she replied: "I work with a company of men bouncers, if they need a lady, they come to me."

After the violent outburst, she went to Altnagelvin Hospital, Derry.

She was treated for facial injury and for a hurt arm.

While Mc Glinchey claimed his ex had booted the door in to the Redrow house, Buncrana, Ms Nash told the court she had come home after a night out and found herself locked out.

She claimed that she was forced to shove the locked door open with her shoulder to get inside in the cold weather.

Ms Nash said she was assaulted, only striking back in self defence, when Mc Glinchey set upon her in a jealous rage, accusing her of being "out all night shagging".

She said: "It was self-defence, I hit him after he hit me, he pinned me down on the bed, he was trying to kill me."

In their three years cohabiting, Ms Nash said she'd become a: "a punchbag", that she was too afraid to report his violence to the gardai.

Former lorry driver, Mc Glinchey, described by his defence as "not the biggest or strongest of men", claimed he was suffering "battered husband's" syndrome.

Mc Glinchey said: "I was asleep on the couch, when I heard the rattle of the door being kicked in. She went ballistic. She punched me, beating me round the place. I punched her to calm her down."

Also, described as an 'asthmatic', Mc Glinchey added: "I didn't go to the guards, it was embarrassing getting hit by a woman - it's bad enough being hit by a man.

"There were previous incidents where she beat me up."

Ms Nash admitted she hit Mc Glinchey over the head with a wooden jewellery box, but only to get her enraged former partner off her.

Stormy relationship

In sentencing Judge Fitzpatrick told the estranged couple: "This was a stormy relationship, it appears there were frequent disturbances and rows. Mr Mc Glinchey claims Ms Nash was the aggressor. She might have retaliated on occasions, but there is no evidence that Mr Mc Glinchey was injured at all on this occasion.

"Ms Nash accepts she struck him with a jewellery box. I believe she was assaulted, and injured. He tried to choke her, hit her, injured her arm. The evidence before me is that she was assaulted - and surely she may have tried to retaliate, but that is no justification for the defendant to beat her up."

Mc Glinchey was ordered to pay a 1,000 euro fine within 28 days or face prison.





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