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The Gift of Fear : Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence
By Gavin De Becker, CEO of a firm that attempts to predict and prevent violence against individuals, shares his informed insights on enhancing personal safety. He believes that violence is part of the human condition and that America is increasingly a violent place. For example, homicide is now the leading cause of death for women in the workplace. De Becker posits that intuition is our most basic and reliable survival skill. When it produces fear? as distinct from worry or anxiety? we should pay attention.
Fear Less: The Real Truth About Risk, Safety, and Security in a Time of Terrorism
In this age of uncertainty we are all looking for answers, says Gavin De Becker. Every day we cope with another report. Anthrax in New York, Florida and Washington, D.C. Arrests nationwide. Threats from Afghanistan. While we may not be able to stop terrorism, we can stop terror. Fear Less shows readers how to manage their own fear and enhance their own safety. It answers the questions we are currently asking. Where can I be safe? What is the risk of further attacks? How can I protect my family? Is it okay to be afraid? What should I avoid? At this moment, its hard to imagine a more important, more comforting, and more necessary book. The world may not be all right, but you can be, with Fear Less.
The Cooler's Grimoire - The Comprehensive Instructional Guide to Nightclub & Bar Security:
The Comprehensive Instructional Guide to Nightclub & Bar Security. The Cooler's Grimoire is a college book for bouncers. This is a book for any person looking to learn the art of nightclub and bar security from one of the best Cooler's in the business today. This book teaches all aspects of nightclub & bar security including, The Reality of the Profession, ID screening, working the door, working the floor, Safety, How to find work in the nightclub and bar security industry, Building the Machine, Conflict Resolution-the psychology of Bouncing, anger management and self-control, The SAR Matrix, De-escalation techniques, Verbal ju-jitsu- The art of fighting without fighting, Report Writing, Laws pertaining to the Nightclub Security Professional. This textbook is your guide to being educated in the Art and Science of Working the Door.
Ivan 'Doc' Holiday may very well be the hardest working Bouncer, Trainer and Nightclub Security Consultant in our industry who is dedicated in promoting proper security procedures.  So far, just this year alone he has published two new books we highly recommend reading, "SUN TZU & The Art Of Bouncing" and The Bouncer's Bible (2nd Addition)."  We also recommend his "Nightclub and Bar Security Academy - Home Study Course" also released this year.  Use promotion code #: 1024607 when ordering the home study course.

Sun Tzu-Bookcover

The Bouncer's Bible-Bookcover



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