BouncerOnline Newsletter The Art of Nightclub Security
November 2006

The Holiday Season is coming and coming fast, are you prepared? BouncerOnline strongly believes in good Customer Service when it comes to the nightclub patrons. And so we talk about it often to ensure that Bouncers base their responsibilities from it. Without the patrons nightclubs would not exists. If you’ve read the Bouncer News articles there is a lot to be said about the month of October. Many clubs have been forced to close due to violence and drugs’ being on the premises, and it’s not just because of the patrons but also the employees of the nightclubs who are at fault as well. Do you think you got a handle on what's going on in your club? Are you prepared?

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  • The Art of Nightclub Security
  • Bouncers Need Training
  • Every Drink Tells A Story
  • Survey says: Patrons want to feel safe in   nightclubs

    Bouncers Need Training
    Bouncer at DoorBouncers do need training and you can hear the phrase throughout the industry. Almost on a daily bases you hear on the news of a Bouncer being killed, a Patron suing a nightclub for being assaulted by a Bouncer or a deadly fire finds the Club Owner liable. Over 90% of these security issues can be reduced at the door and before the Patron enters the club.


    Every Drink Tells A Story
    Patron sticking her tongue outThink back when you first went to a club. What type of drink did you order from the bar or waitress? Was it a soft drink or an alcoholic beverage? If it was an alcoholic beverage, was it something of a Strawberry Margarita or a Jack and Coke? How were you dressed? Were you dressed in your best attire or dressed trendy for the nightclub scene? Knowing why patrons drink what they drink could tell you everything about them.


    Survey says: Patrons want to feel safe in nightclubs

    People may be drawn to the club's drinks and entertainment, but they are unlikely to stay if they don't feel safe. Security plays a significant role in making sure customers have a safe and enjoyable time. It is important that the security personnel are well-trained and prepared to handle any incident that may occur.

    The Art of Nightclub Security
    People dancing
    Good Customer Service is hard to find these days, but it is STILL the basic skill that any employee can provide that would ensure the Patron's return. Due to no fault of their own many Bouncers are not familiar with the concept of providing good Customer Service to nightclub patrons. Basically, they are told to only handle the undesirable which is a negative position to be into right from the start. There is a need for Bouncers to change their ways because it is the club owner who is paying the price.

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