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The Art of Nightclub Security May 2007
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Caught With The Real Truth About Fake IDs
How To Become A Bouncer, Really
Security Basic Training
Bouncers Making $300 In Tips
Caught With The Real Truth About Fake ID's

On July 17th 1984, President Ronald Reagan signed a bill known as the minimum legal drinking age law. Backed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the law standardized a patchwork of local laws across the country and made it illegal for anyone under 21 to purchase or publicly possess alcohol. The law has been written, but the ease and use of a fake ID show very little consequences in the eyes of the beholder.


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Welcome to the May issue of the BouncerOnline Newsletter, especially to those of you who are looking to get into the field of nightclub security. This issue focuses not only getting your foot in the door to be a Bouncer, but also some basic training and other opportunities for you to make a little extra money while working as a Bouncer. This issue is also for the experience Bouncer, offering some back to basics information or maybe you'll find information that you we're not aware of.

Also, we have updated out Bouncer Jobs page. We have added pre-selected job search engines for with just a click on the service a list of available Bouncer Jobs will appear throughout United States and other international regions. Other job search engines will be added to increase the opportunities. To get started click on the Bouncer Jobs link below at Quick Links.
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How To Become A Bouncer, Really

"How to become a Bouncer" "What is a nightclub Bouncer" "Duties of a Bouncer" and " Bouncer" are only a few search words used by many people seeking information on how to become a Bouncer. One would think that it would be as simple as walking into a nightclub and filling a an application for the position. That being only just the beginning, but it's also the easiest part no manner what your size is or what you list as work experience. Knowing what the club owner needs are will be the key to getting the job.  Continue...

Security Guard in Uniform

Basic Security Training

The responsibilities of checking for valid ID to enforcing the dress code, to pat down searches to breaking up fights and enforcing other club polices and procedures would suggest that Bouncers have a difficult job. Underneath of it all requires only a small understanding of what security is and a few simple rules to enforce it.
BribeBouncers Making $300 In Tips
Some waitresses and bartenders rely on tips to make a living while Bouncers rely on the hours they receive. But receiving an added bonus of $20, $50 or in one case $300 in tips can make the night for a Bouncer. Do we deserve those type of tips and are we taking profit from the club? There is a yes and no to the questions. Knowing why we should take the tips could help reduce the guilt as well as keep the club owner happy.