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Bouncer News

Ballard News Tribune
Sunday, 29 April 2011
Seattle, WA
Police Blotter: Bar fight and chase injures two officers; man assaulted for ...

An incident that began as a response to a fight between a patron and a bouncer at a bar ended in an attack on two Seattle Police Officers. The first responding officer interviewed employees at the bar and learned that two people, a white male and a black male, had assaulted a bartender and then gotten into a fight with the bouncer and then fled the scene. Several minutes later, two more officers arrived at the scene to search for the suspects. They encountered the black male suspect a few blocks from the bar. The suspect became hostile and the officers engaged in a lengthy struggle with him and were able to handcuff and arrest him. The man swore at the officers and then either passed out or fell asleep in the police car.

The two officers continued to search for the second suspect and they came across two men fighting. One of the men punched one of the officers to the ground and ran away, but the second officer gave chase. The man threw several punches at the officer, but after a long struggle the officer was able to handcuff him. Both officers involved in the fights sustained injuries and were treated at Harborview Medical Center and then released.

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