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Secaucus New Jersey News
Monday, 18 July 2011

Death of Anthony Dunning, Used By Crown Casino Bouncers as Threat

Anthony Dunning’s Death

Before anything else, who is Anthony Dunning and why did he die? – Anthony Dunning, age 40, suffered cardiac arrest on the night of July 3. He was pinned down to the ground by bouncers and was held inside the casino for six minutes. After the said six minutes, he was rushed to the hospital. He died four days later. Bouncers asked Anthony Dunning to leave the casino because he was drunk. But CCTV footage showed no action Anthony Dunning made to make the bouncers pin him down. The CCTV footage had no sign of him aggravating the bouncers, which begs a simple question: why would they do that to a 40-year-old man?

Melbourne Crown Casino Threatens A Guy And His Friends

Last Thursday, around 10 in the evening, a man claims that he and his friends were threatened by bouncers who used Anthony Dunning’s death as a reference. The man identified himself as “John” to Neil Mitchell on 3AW while it was broadcasted on radio. Anthony Dunning died while in a scuffle with the bouncers. That’s why he was scared when they used Anthony’s death as a threat. John said that he and his friends, a group of 10 male and female friends, were requested to leave by the bouncers. The bouncer’s reason was because one of them was dancing and looked like he was “way too drunk”. John told the radio host of 3AW that the bouncer stared at him right in his eyes with a threatening gaze and said “Just f— off mate. We don’t want another bloke having a heart attack, do we?” – This made John’s jaw to drop. He was surprised by what the bouncer told him, he even said to the radio host that “He’d overstepped the mark verbally.” It is reported that a Crown Casino spokesman has not yet commented on what John said.

In this article, you learned about Melbourne Crown Casino’s bouncers threatening a man  named John and his friends. Not just an ordinary threat: they were threatened with the death of Anthony Dunning as a reference. Antony Dunning’s death, due to cardiac arrest, happened last July 7 which was four days after the incident with the casino bouncers. Six bouncers stepped up to deal with him. CCTV footage caught the incident and shows that he didn’t do anything to aggravate the bouncers. That’s why John was both shocked and afraid when he heard that threat. He didn’t expect that they would “overstep the mark verbally.”


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