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Bouncer News
Saturday, 9 July 2011
Bouncers thrown out

The men worked for Monsoons but the incidents happened on different nights late last year.

The NT Licensing Commission was particularly critical of Benjamin Richardson, saying it was "significantly alarmed" at the "apparent gratuitous violence" against two men in October.

The commission saw video of him evicting a man, holding him in a headlock, before pulling the man's shirt over his head and kneeing him in the face.

"The commission observed no physical or threatening action on the part of the male that would have warranted the use of any force," presiding member Philip Timney said.

The second incident, involving a different man minutes earlier, saw Richardson approaching a patron from behind, grabbing him in a headlock without warning.

Footage showed Richardson, with another bouncer, slamming the man into a balustrade wall causing him to fall down.

"The complaints are at the high end of the scale of seriousness."

His licence was suspended until Richardson, who did not attend the hearing, appeared to explain himself.

The commission also cancelled the licence of bouncer Patrick Georgeson after viewing November 21 footage of him arguing with five men following refusal of entry.

He struck one on the side of the face, sparking a melee.

He also did not appear before the commission, which decided to cancel his licence upon hearing he had moved to Sydney.

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