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My Fox Boston
Sunday, 20 February 2011
Worcester, MA
Bouncer hit, robbed patron
Tips Alert Worcester Police Of Assault Video Posted Online

Police say a nightclub bouncer hit and then robbed a customer inside of the bathroom at that club.

Easton Byfield35-year-old Easton Byfield was arrested on Friday.

Police received tips pointing to a YouTube clip of Byfield punching a 25-year-old man at the Platinum Premier Club in Worcester.

According to Worcester police:

"The video did show two males in a bathroom questioning another male who appeared to be a patron of the club. One of the employees is filming the incident while the other employee is questioning the patron. During the questioning, the male, without warning, punched the victim in the face; he then continued to punch him approximately three more times in the face and head area. At one point in the assault the employee takes cash out of the victim's wallet and kept it. The employee also locked the bathroom door while the assault was taking place preventing the victim's escape.

After reviewing the video and obtaining the suspect information, detectives were able to track down the victim of the incident. The victim is a 25 year old Worcester resident. "

The incident allegedly happened in May of 2010.  Byfield originally said he was assaulted by the victim.  He now faces charges of Assault and Battery, Kidnapping, Unarmed Robbery and Filing a False Police report.

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