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Brentwood Weekly News
Tuesday, 15 February 2011
Brentwood, Essex

Thug tagged after headbutting bouncer

A thug has been given an electronic tag after he headbutted a bouncer.

Liam Harris was being thrown out of Eclipse nightclub, in Brentwood, when he lashed out at the doorman.

The victim, Matthew Cullen, had to be taken to Basildon Hospital following the attack.

Rupert Myers, prosecuting at Basildon Crown Court, said: “Mr Cullen was given six or seven stitches to his wound and suffered bruising of both eye sockets.”

Harris, 31, of Clayton Road, Romford, was charged with actual bodily harm.

He initially planned to argue self defence but his legal team told him his actions had gone too far. He admitted the offence on the day the trial was due to start.

In mitigation, David Phillips, said his client had not been in trouble with the bouncers at all on the night of November 29, 2009.

However, as he was waiting for his girlfriend to get her coat, a man became aggressive towards him.

The bouncer spotted the argument and responded by grabbing Harris and removing him from the club, when he retaliated.

Mr Phillips said: “There was never any intention when he went to the club, or as he was leaving the club, to cause any trouble.”

The court heard Harris had also suffered injuries in the fracas caused by people supporting the victim. He was off work for a week.

Judge Jonathan Black said: “You went over the top when you used force that was far beyond that which was necessary in the circumstances.

“The victim in this case is the nightclub doorman, someone who works with the public, often in very difficult circumstances.”

Harris was given a four-month jail term, suspended for a year, a curfew from 8pm to 6am monitored by an electronic tag for the next three months, and told to pay £500 costs.

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