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Herald Sun
Monday, 14 February 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Bouncer defends 'brutal' attack
WITNESSES claim a bouncer brutally bashed a man of a St Kilda pub in a daylight attack during the St Kilda Festival.

Michelle told Radio 3AWs Derryn Hinch program today that the bouncer repeatedly punched a man he pursued about 50m along busy Fitzroy St from The George hotel about 7pm.

Michelle said the attack was witnessed by scores of onlookers who had been in the area for the annual St Kilda Festival.

It was horrifying, Michelle told the radio station.

I cant believe a bouncer could be allowed to chase a patron down the street and bash them, she said.

Did you have any pictures of the incident?  Send them to or MMS 0404 333 444.

But the bouncer Carl told the station he was spat on, suffered a broken nose, and he had every right to restrain the young man.

He tried to get into the venue. He was refused entry this Irish guy. Within my rights Im allowed to hold this guy for the police.

I did pursue him, but before this happened. I was punched by this guy in the face. My nose is sideways.

Im allowed to retaliate.

"Yeah, I lost my temper, but I got punched in the face three times.

I could have destroyed this guy. But I didnt.

I deal with this kind of crap every day.

Carl said he had reported the incident to the police.

She said she had made a statement to police about the incident, but along with many others was too afraid to intervene.

Another witness James also saw the attack and said the bouncer continued to lay into the young man despite the pleas of his mates.

He basically assaulted him in the middle of the street.

James said police patrolling nearby appeared disinterested in the incident.
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