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Daily Mail
Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sex addict prone to violence if she is not satisfied attacks nightclub bouncer

A self-confessed female sex addict admitted drunkenly attacking a doorman while on a night out, a court heard yesterday.

Shannon Flynn

Shannon Flynn, 27, last year publicly confessed to being a sex addict who was prone to violence if her boyfriend did not satisfy her in the bedroom.

Now she has admitted attacking bouncer Bulen Aksoy outside Edinburgh nightspot, Garibaldis on October 28.

The former beautician spat on her victim and kicked him on his body just after midnight Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard.

Mr Aksoy was injured as a result of the attack but declined medical attention.

The sex addict who claims to have slept with 70 men said owning up to her battle with sex and alcohol has helped her turn her life around.

Defence agent James Stewart said Flynn was currently living with her mother.

He said: 'Alcohol was involved in provoking the attack.'

Sheriff Isabella McColl called for background reports and deferred sentence until next month.

Speaking outside court Flynn said the attack on the bouncer was not related to her sex addiction, but her problems with alcohol.

She added: 'I had a sex addiction. It's related to alcohol. The sex addiction only came out when I was drunk. But I've calmed down now.'

Flynn said she was now takes tablets three times a week, which make her sick when she has a drink.

She said that speaking out about her addiction has helped her battle her demons.

She said: 'I go to counseling once a week now. And I've not got a boyfriend.

'When we were together I think he was more the girl and I was more the guy. I'm staying away from men. This year's my year.'

Flynn spoke out about her sex addiction after revelations about Tiger Woods' sex life emerged last year.

She confessed that even after she had sex with ex-partner, banker Jamie Thexton, in the morning, she was still hungry for love when he came home at night.

If she was not satisfied, she became moody, and even violent, and said she demanded sex at least four times a day.

She claimed to have slept with 70 men over the last 10 years, including several one-night stands and casual affairs.

During an interview last year she admitted throwing a mobile phone at one lover after he denied her sex

'I'm not usually violent, but my desire for sex takes over all my senses,'

She said if she was unable to satisfy her sexual desires the withdrawal symptoms were horrendous.

She said: 'Hardly anyone can understand what I am going through on a daily basis. Every hour of every day, all I can think about is sex.'


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