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About Us

Welcome to BouncerOnline,

This site was developed for one reason only and that is to protect liability.  The liability that of the club owner, its employee's and its patrons has become the first priority of a Bouncer's duty while performing his job.  Without the concern of this liability the success of any nightclub would be difficult to achieve.

It is not our goal to tell you how to do your job or run your business, but to recommend and offer information to not only reduce liability but to increase business. 

For several years now the demand for nightclub security to become more professional and more personable has put a strain on nightclubs by limiting their services, suspending or revoking their licenses and eventually closing a club. With that in mind, BouncerOnline represents nightclub security personnel, club owners and general managers who seek to work together to protect the longevity and success of their venue through customer service.

You will not find on BouncerOnline the nasty attitude, lack of respect and prehistoric ways of nightclub security that you've known in the past.

We are BouncerOnline, improving the way we bounce.


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