The Art of Nightclub Security   

"A physical confrontation indicates that all rational means of resolving the problem have failed. It is humanly degrading to become involved in a physical confrontation - it indicates that reason and intelligence have failed."


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Protecting Liability from the Past

Accident Report Document

Have you figured out why we recommend the use of incident and accident reports when some thing occurs? Just as inventory is taken of the liquor at the bar and the stock room it tells you what has sold and what has not been sold. It's safe to say that the liquor that did not sell might have been a bad choice for your venue and may cost you some loss in profits. The same thought process can also be applied when we review our incident and accident reports. The more you have at the end of the year may also cost you loss in profits and continued losses over a period of several years. Subscribe for more

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Improving  Nightclub Security with Technology


Can we really change the way we handle security in a nightclub or bar simply by changing the name from "Bouncer" to "Door Supervisor" or "Door Host?" We think not. We do however think that with the proper training, tools and the current technology that we have available in our industry will. In fact, with the increase of nightclub security training organizations and new technology it is solid proof positive over to just name changing.  Subscribe for more

Posted by BouncerOnline
"Be nice, until it's time not to be nice"

Hand holding smily face

One of the most famous quotes was from the movie "Roadhouse" starring Patrick Swayze. Swayze's charter "James Dalton" lays down the new rules to his newly acquired security staff of bad habits. He was initial hired to improve a nightclub's image. One of the rule that he enforce upon his staff was to "Be nice, until it's time not to be nice."

Anyone, who has worked as a Bouncer long enough would know this quote and where it came from. If not, we highly recommend that you rent the movie and watch it. Never mind the entertainment value of the movie as it is often misunderstood. 
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Posted by BouncerOnline

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